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Selecting and Applying Dermacol Foundation

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Makeup foundation is what will discern whether your makeup will appear good or not. A foundation is a beauty product that helps in smoothing the tone of your skin, conceals all blemishes and provides a healthy glow. Application of makeup without foundation as the base can accentuate the unsightly skin issues instead of covering them. Selecting and applying foundation must be an easy procedure, though there are certain pitfalls. Below are some steps that will guide you when choosing and applying your foundation.

The first step is deciding on the kind of foundation coverage or finish you like. Decide on the type of look you intend to achieve. Foundation can provide coverage from heavy to sheer and finishes that range from satin to matte. The kind of finish and the degree of coverage is a personal choice.

The second step is choosing the right shade. After you have selected the correct formulation of finish and coverage, you are ready to select the best shade matching your skin tone. There are outstanding options of foundation shades readily available from the lightest shades for pale skins through to the shades for dark skin tones. You must note that you will require a darker shade of your foundation during summer since your face is bound to tan naturally.

The third step is moisturizing. The first process is cleaning your hands and your face. The moisturizer should then be applied appropriately on the skin. You must allow the skin to moisturize for some minutes, more so if you have oily skin. Application of foundation on skin that is freshly moisturized ensures that you attain a perfect base to work on. Foundation should be applied about ten minutes after you moisturize. The foundation could quickly come off if you do not let the moisturizer absorb in your skin. Read more about beauty tips in this website here!

The fourth stage is the application of concealer. Concealer is used in camouflaging the facial blemishes and under-eye circles. The concealer should b of a tone that is slightly lighter than the Dermacol SF.

The last step is applying the foundation using a cosmetic sponge since using fingertips will lead to a greasy and an uneven finish. The sponge should be dampened first, and the extra moisture squeezed out to ensure that the application process of the foundation is easy and prevent the sponge soaking excessive foundation. A small portion of the foundation should be placed on the back part of one hand. Next, the makeup sponge should be dipped into it. Foundation should then be applied by dotting in on the nose, chin, cheek, and forehead and then blending in with the sponge. Blending out should continue to the jawline and hair until the foundation disappears. Particular attention should be paid when blending around the jawline, mouth, and nose. You can find more information about beauty tips in this website